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The Ducky Boys


The Ducky Boys (no confundir con la banda punk neoyorquina, de la década del 80, que llevaba el mismo nombre) es una banda de street punk, formada en 1995 en Boston, Massachusetts. El grupo toma su nombre de una pandilla irlandesa que aparece en la película "The Wanderers". Son lidereados por Mark Linkd (bajista y vocalista) y entre sus influencias se encuentran bandas como The Clash, Rancid, Social Distortion y Bruce Springsteen.Tienen un estilo musical similar al de Dropkick Murphys.


01- No Gettin' Out (1997) 

1. I'll Rise Up 
2. I Don't Give A Shit 
3. Pride 
4. The Way It Used To Be 
5. Cross To Bear (Walk Proud, Stand Tall) 
6. Get Out Of The Way 
7. Always Be There 
8. Nobody's Hero, Nobody's Fool 
9. I'll Go Back 
10. Regrets 
11. On My Own 
12. What's Wrong 
13. The River 
14. White Slum 
15. Bad Moon Rising (Bonus Track) 

Descargar: https://mega.nz/#!YZcyXKiQ!zgKL4L0CnmC_CJbjXZNbagRxcBHSIy0R9JU365WLVR8

02- Dark Days (1998) 

1. these are the days 
2. out of the rut 
3. me against the world 
4. do you wrong 
5. well find a way 
6. all for one and one for all 
7. i've got my friends 
8. fourteen 
9. i'll rise up 
10.another day 
11.a better life 
13.no tales to tell 
14.the ballad of the forgotten 

Descargar: https://mega.nz/#!oFUn3YYK!zJulbZymXiy9qq6A06x0PxhfTu0TjsMSekpjbG0te1U

03- Three Chords and The Truth (2004)

01-Boston, USA 
02-Pass you by 
03-Alone tonight 
06-For the underdogs 
07-Stand by me 
08-Hanging on 
09-This place 
10-The long road 
11-Ain’t it a shame 
13-Break me 
14-Looking back 
15-Richmond skyline 
16-Crumbling heart 

Descargar: https://mega.nz/#!cV92WISY!3Ra6wFrR1LhEq-y0aqB0TQiMsgZIPJYZH4TSWaFEQ6g

04- The War Back Home (2006) 

01. Celebrate 
02. The Middle Children of History 
03. Tortured Soul 
04. Isolation 
05. Kids 
06. Two Thieves and a Savior 
07. City Girl 
08. Bombs Away 
09. Corporate America 
10. Outlaw 
11. This Time Last Year 
12. Contrived and Treacherous 

Descargar: https://mega.nz/#!0ANBRATQ!eBcCewUS82b37WOD0GzO7iTq0d_knSEkX9Tmke8yhZE

05- Chasing The Ghost (2012) 

1. New Chapter 
2. Nobody's Home 
3. Won't You Come Home 
4. Surrogates 
5. I Guess I'm Broken 
6. Getting Better 
7. You Sing the Chorus 
8. An Angel Like You 
9. Cure Me 
10. Goodbye and Good Luck 
11. Hey Liberty 
12. I Lied 
13. That Which Doesn't Kill Me 
14. Feeling Alive 
15. Medicine 
16. The Sweetest Girl 
17. There's Always Another Way 

Descargar: https://mega.nz/#!BdUQlThI!di8BS3Opbm5K0hW2V9rD_JTtd2ZMQGOYP_jzNdcsrTI

06- Chemicals (2012)

1. Chemicals 
2. Down the Line 
3. Come Closer 
4. Pretty Bad Year 

Descargar: https://mega.nz/#!0FMQRaCS!4SpEf4Y57h5NZFgMBjA04kGugvkKrMdcl2jb1wQCVq8

07- Dead End Streets (2013)

01. You Don't Wanna Know Me 
02. Enough Of My Time 
03. Nothin' About You 
04. Disappear 
05. Live Forever 
06. The Time We're Given 
07. I Was Intoxicated 
08. Dead End Streets 
09. Kick 
10. The Gravest Generation 
11. The Advantage 
12. In The Scars 
13. Damaged Goods 
14. Up, Down & Wrong 
15. 'Til The Wheels Fall Off 

Descargar: https://mega.nz/#!sc0AXSjI!_PNrLgRQwW1XEfO4BHPM2-PsR59Uy0Zc9Y2T316EUbs

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