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A Better Hope Foundation


A Better Hope Foundation es una banda hardcore estadounidense fundada en el 2007 en South San Francisco, California.


01- Trading Heroes For Ghosts (2008)

1.  The Widowmaker
2.  Curbstomp Your Enthusiasm
3.  Trading Heroes for Ghosts
4.  This Is the Angry. Part III
5.  The King Is Back
6.  Ian Mackaye Is an Uncle Tom
7.  Glutton for Punishment
8.  Colder Nights
9.  Swallowing Pride by the Gallons
10.  An Uncanny Resemblance
11.  Our Hearts Are Napalm
12.  A Hell Called Home

02- You Can Never Go Home Again (EP) (2010)

1.  Below the Salt
2.  Dissonance
3.  City Laments
4.  Brothers in Broken Arms

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