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Red City Radio


Red City Radio es una banda de punk rock estadounidense formada en la ciudad de Oklahoma en el año 2007. El grupo está integrado por Garrett Dale (voz y guitarra), Ryan Donovan (guitarra y coros), Jonathan Knight (bajo y coros) y Dallas Tidwell (batería y coros).


01- To The Sons & Daughters Of Woody Guthrie (EP) (2009)

1. Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads
2. No One Believes in Moons and Goochers
3. We Are the Sons of Woody Guthrie
4. If All Else Fails Play Dead
5. Dead Friends Don’t Pay Debts

02- Spinning In Circles Is A Gateway Drug (EP) (2010)

1. Spinning in Circles Is a Gateway Drug
2. A Bried Lesson in Repetition
3. They Don't Make Gravel Roads Like They Used To

03- Red City Radio + The Great St. Louis (Split EP) (2010)

01- Red City Radio - Unburdened
02- Red City Radio - Bike Thief
03- The Great St. Luis - Safe
04- The Great St. Luis - Worlds Collide

04- The Dangers Of Standing Still (2011)

1. An Introduction of Sorts
2. The Benefits of Motion
3. Two for Flinching
4. Spinning in Circles Is a Gateway Drug
5. Too Much Whiskey not Enough Blankets
6. 50th & Western
7. I'm Well, You're Poison
8. Captioned for the Hearing Impaired
9. This Day Has Seen Better Bars
10. Drinking Ourselves Into the Future
11. Talk Me to Sleep
12. Nathaniel Martinez
13. Never Bring a Cup of Water To a Gunfight

05- Red City Radio + The Gamits (Split EP) (2011)

01- Red City Radio - We Know Who We Are, Who The Fuck Are You
02- Red City Radio - Little Fighter
03- The Gamits - Play Attention
04- The Gamits - Hanging On The Telephone

06- Titles (2013)

1. Two Notes Shy of an Octave
2. A Version of Events
3. Show Me on the Doll Wehere the Music Touched You
4. Joy Comes With the Morning
5. A Joke With no Words
6. Don't Be a Hero, Find a Friend
7. Purple Heart Paper Weight
8. I'll Take a Mile
9. We Know Who We Are
10. The Silence Between

07- Red City Radio (2015)

01. Whatcha Got?
02. Rest Easy
03. Stranger
04. Two Out of Three Ain’t Rad
05. Electricity
06. Let Me In
07. Pretend Kings
08. I Should Have Known
09- In The Meantime…
10. …I’ll Catch a Ride

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