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DeeCracks es una banda punk formada en Klagenfurt, Austria en 2003. Inicialmente el grupo se llamaba The Cretins, pero por motivos legales se vieron obligados a cambiar el nombre en 2007 y a partir de entonces pasaron a llamarse DeeCracks. 

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01- 10 Track Demo (The Cretins) (2004)

2.Good Will Hunting
3.Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment 
4.Another Time Bomb 
5.Get Away 
6.Your Heroes 
8.It's Gonna Be A Blast
9.Hound Dog 

02- The Cretins (The Cretins) (2007)

1.gimme gimme plastic surgery around for nothing 
4.i don't want to go home 
5.john st. 
6.meriwether is giving up 
7.i need a nurse
8.i can't make it on time 
9.leaving home 
10.i have enough
11.ramona goes by 
13.i'm not the only one's gonna be a blast 
15.i don't want you around 

03- Beach 90 (EP) (2009) baby quit rehab 
2.beach 90
3.she is electrifying 
4.don't talk to me

04- Totally Cracked! (EP) (2009)

1. My Baby Quit Rehab
2. Turn up your Radio
3. VW T4
4. She's Gonna Kill you
5. Beach 90
6. Whatever Happened to my Brain
7. I Killed my TV Set
8. Give A Little Love

05- Attention! Deficit Disorder (2010)

1. I Wanted It All
2. Monkey Boy
3. Not Another Minute
4. The Hangover Hop
5. Waiting for You
6. Ritalin for Lunch
7. It Has Always Been This Way
8. Gimme Gimme Plastic Surgery
9. Dairy Queen King
10. She Met a Brat
11. I Need a Nurse
12. Ratface
13. Radioactive Kiss
14. I See You Around

06- DeeCracks + 7 Years Bad Luck (Split EP) (2012)

01- DeeCracks - The Re-Generation
02- DeeCracks - I Don't Want To Go Home (2010 A.D.S. Session)
03- 7 Years Bad Luck - Delirium
04- 7 Years Bad Luck - A Drink In The Sun

07- Live Studio Split with The Murderburgers (Only DeeCracks Songs) (2012)

1. the regeneration & monkey boy
2.not another minute baby quit rehab 
4.i wanted it all 
5.beach 90 
6.hangover hop 
7.i see you around

08- DeeCracks Mania (The Best Of) (2013)

1.the re-generation
2.i wanted it all 
3.monkey boy (attention! baby quit rehab 
5.turn up your radio
6.beach 90
7.i killed my tv set messed my head up has always been this way 
10.gimme gimme plastic surgery 
12.not another minute (live)
13.the hangover hop (live)
14.this ain't hawaii (screeching weasel cover)
15.she belongs to me (amones cover)
16.back to you (riverdales cover) make me crazy (nikki and the corvettes cover)

09- The Smile Of The Tiger - DeeCracks + The New Rochelles (Split EP) (2013)

01- DeeCracks - Let's Get Outta Here
02- DeeCracks - She Belongs To Me (Ramones Cover)
03- The New Rocheless - Cuidado
04- The New Rocheless - Nightcrawler

10- Call It A Day (EP) (2013)

01- Rat In A Trap
02- Bloody Belgium
03- You Messed My Head Up
04- Weekend

11- 2008-2013- Covers (EP) (2013)

01- The King Kong Stomp (Groovie Ghoulies-Gene Moss Cover)
02- New York Girl (Johnie 3 Cover)
03- This Ain't Hawaii (Screeching Weasel Cover)
04- I'm About To Crack (Methadones Cover)

12- Adderall (EP) (2014)

01- Adderall
02- One And A Million Miles
03- Banana Brain (Mugwumps cover)
04- Beach 90 (acoustic version)

13- Beyond Medication (2014)

01- Todo El Mundo Está Enamorado
02- Dead End Mission
03- Terminal Deadness
04- Charite Forever
05- Let's Get Locked Away
06- Down Out And Low
07- Adderall
08- Don't Rely On Me
09- Nothing Matters
10- Move On
11- No Way Back
12- Please Hold On
13- Crazy Girl
14- Summer's Gone
15- Stroll The Streets

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