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The Toy Dolls


Toy Dolls es un grupo británico de punk rock. Se formaron en 1979, actuando por primera vez en el Millview Social Club de Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, el 20 de octubre de 1979. Tras un par de actuaciones, el vocalista Pete Zulu abandonó la formación para crear su propia banda. Fue reemplazado por otro vocalista, Hud, quien también dejó el grupo tras una única actuación, convirtiendo a Toy Dolls en un trío con su guitarrista, Michael "Olga" Algar asumiendo el papel de vocalista. Sólo fue el comienzo del baile de baterías y bajistas que caracterizarían a Toy Dolls a lo largo de los años.
Rápidamente construyeron un grupo local de admiradores y se les consideró inicialmente un grupo Oi!, en plena emergencia en ese momento, aunque mucha gente opina que, a pesar de poseer unos coros característicos de la música Oi!, se les clasifica mejor como pop-punk. Otra razón de asociárseles con la movida Oi! es que fueron apoyados por Garry Bushell, muy involucrado con bandas Oi! como The Angelic Upstarts (a los cuales Toy Dolls acompañaron en su primera gira nacional). En 1980 un hombre de negocios local financió su primer sencillo, "Tommy Kowey's Car" con el tema "She Goes To Finos" en su cara B. Vendieron rápidamente sus primeras 500 copias, pero la banda no podía permitirse el lujo de editar más, haciendo de este disco una pieza de coleccionista.
En 1983 estrenaron su primer LP, "Dig That Groove Baby"; por aquel entonces y con la ayuda de Bushell comenzaron a atraerse la atención de prensa nacional, y en 1984 reventaron la lista de éxitos con su interpretación punk de «Nellie the Elephant», una clásica canción infantil, que alcanzó el número 4 en las listas británicas y que permaneció entre las 100 mejores durante no menos de 12 semanas.
Toy Dolls han continuado desde entonces con su eterno cambio de casas discográficas y formación, estableciendo bases de admiradores en Europa, Estados Unidos y Japón, publicando multitud de LP y sencillos que llevaron a Toy Dolls a lo que conocemos hoy en día.

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01- Dig That Groove Baby (1983)

1. Theme Tune
2. Dig That Groove Baby
3. Dougy Giro
4. Spiders in the Dressing Room
5. Glenda and the Test Tube Baby
6. Up the Garden Path
7. Nellie the Elephant
8. Poor Davey
9. Stay Mellow
10. Queen Alexandra Road Is Where She Said She'd Be, But Was She There to Meet Me...No Chance
11. Worse Things Happen at Sea
12. Blue Suede Shoe
13. Fiery Jack
14. Theme Tune

02- A Far Out Disc (1985)

1. A Far Out Theme Tune
2. She Goes to Finos
3. Razzmatazz Intro
4. Modern Schools of Motoring
5. Carol Dodds is Pregnant
6. You & a Box of Handkerchiefs
7. Bless You my Son
8. My Girlfriend's Dad's a Vicar
9. Come Back Jackie
10. Do You Want to Finish... Or What?!
11. Commercial Break
12. Chartbuster/Razzmatazz Outro
13. We're Mad
14. Wipe Out!
15. Florence is Deaf (But There's no Need to Shout)
16. A Far Out Theme Tune

03- Idle Gossip (1986)

1. Idle Gossip
2. Do You Wanna Be Like Dougy Bell
3. The Lambrusco Kid
4. You Won't Be Merry on a North Sea Ferry
5. Harry Cross (a Tribute to Edna)
6. Geordie's Gone to Jail
7. Silly Billy
8. If You're in a Pop Group You'll End Up Paying a Fortune Practicing at Peter Practice's Practice Place
9. PC Stoker
10. I Tried to Trust Tracey
11. Keith's a Thief
12. I'll Get Even with Steven (Steve Is Tender)

04- Bare Faced Cheek (1987)

1. Intro / Bare Faced Cheek
2. Yul Brynner Was a Skinhead
3. How Do You Deal with Neal?
4. Howza Bouta Kiss Babe??!
5. Fisticuffs in Frederick Street
6. Diamond
7. Quick to Quit the Quentin
8. Nowt Can Compare to Sunderland Fine Fare
9. Neville Is a Nerd
10. Park Lane Punch Up
11. Ashbrooke Laundrette (You'll Stink... Yer Clothes Shrink, Your ...)
12. Bare Faced Cheek (Reprise)

05- Ten Years of Toys (1989)

1. Florence Is Deaf (But There's No Need to Shout)
2. Glenda and the Test Tube Baby
3. Idle Gossip
4. Carol Dodds Is Pregnant
5. Tommy Kowey's Car
6. Peter Practices Practice Place
7. Deirdre's a Slag
8. Blue Suede Shoes
9. Dig That Groove Baby
10. Lambrusco Kid
11. Dougy Giro
12. Bless You My Son
13. My Girlfriends Dad's a Vicar
14. She Goes to Finos
15. Harry Cross (a Tribute to Edna)
16. Fiery Jack

06- Wakey Wakey! (1989)

1. Introduction
2. Wakey Wakey Intro
A. Lester Fiddled the Tax Man
4. Pot Belly Bill
5. One Night in Moscow (& We'll Be Russian Home!)
6. Cloughy Is a Bootboy !
7. Sabre Dance
8. Daveys Took the Plunge
9. There's a Trollop Up Elmwood Street
10. No Particular Place to Go
11. Poverty Pleadin' Peter
12. Blaze of the Borough
13. Wakey Wakey Outro
14. Goodnight Irene

07- Twenty Two Tunes Live From Tokyo (Live) (1990)

1. Intro / Wakey Wakey
2. Dig That Groove Baby
3. Cloughy Is a Bootboy
4. Lambrusco Kid
5. I've Got Asthma
6. Peter Practice's Practice Place
7. Deirdre's a Slag
8. Ashbrooke Launderette
9. Bless You My Son
10. My Girlfriends Dad's a Vicar
11. Spiders in the Dressing Room
12. Popeye Medley
13. She Goes to Finos
14. Fisticuffs in Frederick Street
15. Harry Cross
16. Glenda and the Test Tube Baby
17. Wakey Wakey / Outro
18. When the Saints
19. Wipe Out
20. Nellie the Elephant
21. Sabre Dance
22. Blue Suede Shoes

08- Fat Bob's Feet (1991)

1. Gloomy Intro / Toy Dolls Tonic
2. Fat Bob's Feet
3. We Quit the Cavalery
4. The Sphinx Stinks
5. Rodney's Memory
6. Olga Crack Corn
7. Bitten by a Bed Bug!
8. Kids in Tyne & Wear
9. Frankie's Got the Blues
10. A Bunch of O'Fairies
11. Yellow Burt
12. Back in '79
13. The Coppers Copt Ken's Cash!
14. Toy Dolls Tonic / Gloomy Outro
15. Turtle Crazy!

09- Absurd-Ditties (1993)

1. Absurb-Ditties
2. I'm a Telly Addict
3. "Terry Talking"
4. Ernie Had a Hernia
5. Toccata in Dm
6. My Wife's a Psychopath!
7. Sod the Neighbours
8. Melancholy Margaret
9. Drooling Banjos
10. Alecs Gone
11. When You're Jimmy Saville
12. Caught Up the Reeperbahn!
13. Dez the Demon Decorator
14. Absurb-Ditties (End Bit)

10- Orcastrated (1995)

1. Orcastrated (Intro)
2. Poltergeist in the Pantry
3. Please Release Me (Darling I Loathe You)
4. Taken for a Mug
5. Any Dream Will Do
6. Harry's Hands
7. David's XR2
8. Pot Luck Percy
9. Ivy's Lurid Lips
10. The Psychosurgery
11. Ron Dixon Dumped D-D
12. Lazy Sunday Afternoon
13. Bowling Barmy
14. Orcastrated (Outro)

11- 1976-1996 - The History (1996)

CD 1

01- Idle gossip
02- Back in 79
03- Pot belly bill
04- Fisticuffs in frederick st.
06- P.C.Stocker
07- Alfie from the bronx
08- Lazy sunday afternoon
09- Stay mellow
10- When your jimmy saville
11- Tocatta in Dm
12- Alec's gone
13- The lambrusco kid
14- No particular place to go
15- Poor davey
16- Modern schools of motoring
17- Terry talking
18- Blue suede shoes
19- Olga crack corn
20- Sod the neighbours

CD 2

01- Dig that groove baby
02- Please release me
03- Silly billy
04- Hernie had a hernia
05- Sabre dance
06- Dougy giro
07- The sphinx stinks
08- She goes to finos
09- Rupert the bear
10- Glenda & the test tube baby
11- Harry's hands
12- James Bond lives down our street
13- Nellie the elephant
14- Spiders in the dressing room
15- Do you wanna be like dougy bell
16- Poltergeist in the pantry
17- Wakey wakey outro
18- I'm a telly addict
19- I'll get even with steven
20- Cloughy is a boot boy!
21- Bitten by a bed bug

12- One More Megabyte (1997)

1. Mega Intro
2. One More Megabyte
3. I'm a Lonely Bastard
4. She's a Leech
5. Me 'n' John Williams
6. She'll Be Back With Keith Someday
7. I'm Gonna be 500 Miles
8. Bachelor Boy/When Gary Married Melanie
9. Fred Oliver
10. In Tommys Head
11. Bored Housewife
12. The Memory of Nobby
13. The Devil Went Down to Georgia Scunthorpe
14. Mega Outro

13- On Stage In Stuttgart (Live) (1999)

1. Dig That Groove Theme Tune
2. The Lambrusco Kid
3. Idle Gossip
4. Back in '79
5. She's a Leech
6. I've Got Asthma
7. Sabre Dance
8. She'll Be Back With Keith Someday
9. Fisticuffs in Frederick St.
10. Bless You My Son
11 My Girlfriend's Dad's a Vicar
12. Yul Brynner Was a Skinhead
13. Wakey Wakey Theme Tune
14. Stay Mellow
15. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
16. Fiery Jack
17. Alec's Gone
18. I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles
19. She Goes to Fino's
20. Dig That Groove Baby
21. Raiders of the Lost Ark
22. Cloughy Is a Bootboy
23. Glenda and the Test Tube Baby
24. Dougy Giro
25. Nellie the Elephant

14- Anniversary Anthems (2000)

1. Anniversary Waltz
2. My Baby Is A Battleaxe
3. Her With A Hoover
4. Alec's Back
5. Dorkamania
6. Audry's Alone At Last
7. Eine Kleine Nacht Music
8. Charlie's Watching
9. I Wish My Eyes Were Ernies
10. Livin' On Newton Hall
11. What She Had With Huey
12. I've Had Enough O' Magaluf
13. Livin' La Vida Loca
14. Anniversary Waltz
15. We're 21 Today

15- Our Last Album? (2004)

1. Our Last Intro?
2. Death Of Barry The Roofer With Vertigo, The
3. Cheatin' Chick From China
4. Davey's Days
5. No One Knew The Real Emu
6. I Gave My Heart To A Slag Called Sharon From Whitley Bay
7. Jean's Been
8. Rita's Innocent
9. She's So Modern
10. Chenky Is A Puff
11. I Caught It From Camilla
12. Our Last Outro?
13. The Final Coun***
14. Tony Talks Tripe
15. Yul Brinner Was A Skinhead
16. Thank You To

16- Treasured Toy Dolls Tracks Live (Live) (2006)

1. Dig That Groove Baby Theme Tune
2. Tommy Koweys Car
3. I've Had Enough O' Magaluf
4. Alec's Gone
5. Spiders In The Dressing Room
6. Cloughy Is A Bootboy
7. Ritas Innocent
8. You Won't Be Merry On A North Sea Ferry
9. Poor Davey
10. Tommy's Belly Waltz
11. I'm A Telly Addict
12. Terry Talkin'
13. Her With A Hoover
14. I Caught It From Camilla
15. Sod The Neighbours
16. Death Of Barry The Roofer With Vertigo
17. I Dig That Groove Baby
18. Idle Gossip

17- The Album After The Last One (2012)

1. Olgamental Intro
2. Credit Crunch Christmas
3. Molly Was Immoral
4. Sciatica Sucks
5. B.E.E.R
6. Kevin's Cotton Wool Kids
7. Don't Drive Yer Car up Draycott Avenue
8. Dirty Doreen
9. Down at the Old 29
10. Marty's Mam
11. Gordon Brown Gets me Down
12. Decca's Drinking Dilemma
13. Olgamental Outro
14. Fiery Jack
15. Cloughy Is a Bootboy
16. The Sphinx Stinks

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